Carlo Mezzino was born in 1975 in Pesaro, Italy. Studied architecture in Venice (IUAV), Stockholm (KTH) and Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and received the Masters of Architecture from the Iuav University of Venice where he was graduated in 2002 with Distinction, the School's highest academic honor. His master's thesis was titled “Fragments of an identity's discourse: Venetian investigations”, with Bernardo Secchi as tutor.


He developed his professional activity between Italy and Spain. In Spain he collaboreted with V. Guallart, F. Rius and Bonell-Gil.


In 2003 he has been Rhino instructor in Barcelona at the IaaC - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. 

In 2005 he won an international competition in Reggio Emilia (Italy) for the urban and landscape redevelopment of Morandi and Paterlini Roads.

The same year he received honorable mentions in the international competition for three squares in Catania (Italy). In 2013 he has been invited to present one of this project at the Architectural Festival in Asti (Italy).


In 2007 he won the third prize for the Transformation of Quintanilla de La Cueza roman villa in Palencia (Spain).


In 2008 his project for Reggio Emilia was one of the project selected to represent Italy at the London Festival of Architecture. That year he established CMA (Carlo Mezzino Architecture). In 2009 he won the first prize in the invited competition for seven luxury villas in Custoza (Italy).


Carlo Mezzino is a registered member of "Ordine degli Architetti" in Italy with the number 499 and a registered member of COAC (Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya) in Spain with the number 72365.

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